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Lucky Dragon design philosophy


The dragon (Loong) is a mythical creature living in the sea in ancient Asian myths and legends, a dominator of wind and rain, often used to symbolize auspiciousness. Meanwhile, dragon is also one of the most representative traditional cultures in Asia. Its real body cannot be found in reality, but people believe that objects with its image can play a role in eliminating evil, avoiding disasters, and praying for peace.


In this set of playing card, we have combined the dragon and PIPS into a totem design, and you can also see that the front of the tuck box is designed with a hidden pattern of pine branches that are strong and indomitable, with purple as the main color, which makes the whole deck of playing card even more mysterious, and there is an idiom in Asia called "From the east comes the purple propitious air" means that purple can bring you luck and fortune, which again fits the dragon symbol as we believe that this deck of cards will also bring you the best of luck.

Lucky Dragon

  • You can get FREE EXPRESS DELIVERY for these playing cards. Our minimum order policy does not apply to this particular item. Shipment is free regardless of order quantity. However, if you purchase casino chips in the same order, those chip items still need to meet the standard MOQ requirement.

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