What is a ceramic chip?

Ceramic poker chip are not made out of a real ceramic material or porcelain, but are made of a high density polymer composite material which mimics the feel and sound of actual ceramic. The material used has the ability to accept high resolution full colour graphics which are printed directly to the chip material using state of the art sublimation techniques and equipment. Ceramic chips were introduced to market in the mid 1980s, are used in some of the most famous casinos in Las Vegas, such as Bally's, Luxor, Circus Circus, Excalibur & The Palms and have become increasingly popular to the home markets over the years.

How are ceramic chips made?

The raw composite material, which we make in-house from high grade materials is injected into a closed mould, which makes the blank chip. Using graphic files and state of the art printing processes, the images are then transferred and absorbed into the chip material, so the image becomes a part of the actual chip and cannot be removed, much like a tattoo cannot easily be removed from skin.

Do your chips contain any harmful substances?

No, the materials used contain no lead or other harmful substances. The materials used all comply to international safety regulations.

What is the difference between ceramic chips, ABS chips and clay chips?

Ceramic chips can be imprinted with vivid full colour directly onto the chips faces which gives a more professional feel than plastic chips and there is no need for stickers. Ceramic chips are of higher quality and look and feel far superior, they are used in casinos worldwide as well as by many poker stars around the world.

What is the advantage of ceramic chips, compare with ABS chips and clay chips?

The biggest advantage that ceramics have over both clay and ABS chips is that ceramic chips are printed in full colour across the entire surface area of the chips, as well as the edges, whereas this is simply not possible for clay or ABS chips. This allows for an overall far more attractive chip and more choices for interesting artistic designs. Ceramic chips don’t have metal inserts in like ABS chips, or lead like some clay chips, and have a far more professional casino quality feel to them. The chip type used is used in casinos and for tournaments around the world.

Does the chip set contain gaming cards, dices, dealer button and blinds?

We don’t supply dice, cards or small and big blinds. By following the on screen ordering instructions, you will be able to buy a full set of stunningly designed chips with a case and dealer button. Each product is entirely optional and you are able to choose which denominations you need most for your home games.

There are 39mm standard chips, 39mm hybrid chips, 43mm oversize chips, 43mm hybrid chips, what is the different between them? And what are plaques?

There are several different chips that vary in type and size. 39mm standard and 43mm oversized chips are the standard blank type with no stickers on, the only difference between the 2 is their diameter. Hybrid chips are made of the same ceramic like material, the difference with hybrids from standard style chips is that they have a recessed area where stickers have been applied, making them look and feel more like traditional clay chips. Plaques are usually reserved for higher values and are rectangular in shape. They are also much larger than chips.

What are “aligned” chips? Why do they cost more than ‘non-aligned”chips?

Alignment is when a pattern, colour strips, stripes or edge spots on the face of the chips extend down to line up with the edge. Alignment can make chip designs more unique and creative, and increases the security of chips and designs as they are extremely difficult to manufacture or reproduce accurately. It is natural or ABS chips to line up perfectly as they have been injected directly from a mold. The process is extremely complicated and difficult on ceramic chips as they are printed by using a semi hand made process, so to line up faces with the rolling edge causes productivity to drop up to 1/5 the normal speed, and increases the possibility of excess waste. Image 1 shows an aligned and non-aligned chip. Here it is show that the stripes from the face of the chip extend and line up with the stripes on the edges. Image 2 show an example of what a non-aligned chip looks like once we have changed the rolling edge design, so alignment would no longer be necessary.

Do Casinos really use ceramic chips?

Not only are ceramic chips used in casinos, but these very same chips made by Sun-Fly are used in casinos worldwide. So, what you are buying is actually the same chips used in many real casinos.

Who manufactures these chips?

Well respected manufacture Sun-Fly Professional Casino chips, who supplies chips worldwide manufacturers these awesome looking chips.

What’s the weight of your chip? Can you do it heavier?

If you would are a reseller with an up and running website and are a business owner, then feel free to contact us directly with any questions you may have. One of our sales team will contact you as soon as possible with all the necessary information on Sun-Fly products.

Are these chips easy to be broken like a ceramic mug?

Ceramic chips are not made of real ceramic, they are made of a composite material that is very durable.

Are your chips washable?

Do not put chips in any kind of chip washing machine or machine that generates heat. If you do wish to wash the chips, then we would suggest very gently rubbing the chips with water only.

How durable are your chips?

Under normal playing circumstances the chips should not break or chip easily and the images on the chips should stay looking good for years. If the chips are mistreated and thrown around, like with anything else, they will wear more quickly.

Are there any major poker tournaments in the world using your chips?

Our chips have been used in many tournaments worldwide.

What is the chip made of?

Made with a high density polymer composite to give it a professional clay feel, this is an affordable casino quality chip.


How many colors/denominations can I have? And the quantity?

For a set of 300 pieces you would be allowed to have 4 different denominations, and 5 different denominations for 500 pieces chips. So, if you order 1,000 chips then you could potentially choose up to 10 denominations. The minimum order per chip would be 25 pieces for any 1 denomination.

What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimu order quantity for all standard design chip sets is 300 pieces chips.

I want to make a little change to your design, such as color, word or value, is it possible?

We are able to make changes to the chips, but the cost to customise a chip would be more expensive that the standard stocked designs. You would need to contact us directly to inform us of the changes you would like to have made.

How long will it take to get my chips?

The chips should arrive with you in approximately 2 weeks from the time you have received confirmation of your order. If the chips do not arrive with you within this timeframe then please contact us to let us know.

What are the methods of payment?

Payment can be made via paypal account freemansun@sun-fly.com or via a bank transfer.

Can I pay by credit card?

We do not accept credit card payments.

Is your payment link secure?

Payments can be made via paypal, which is a well known and secure third party company that handles online payments. We are not able to view or store any of your personal bank information for the whole ordering or payment process.

What is the methods of shipping?

We use UPS to ship goods directly from the factory to your front door.

Will I need to pay VAT/import tax?

Charges for VAT or import taxes vary from country to country, and could be charged by UPS when the goods are delivered.

How can I track my shipment?

Once your goods are shipped out from us, you will be given an international UPS shipping number. You can go to the UPS website to check on your shipments progress.

What do I do if I receive a faulty delivery?

If the goods you have received are faulty in any way due to damage of packaging then we suggest contacting UPS with a claim. If there are quality issues with the chips, then please contact us with your order number and complaint. We will do our best to work through and problems with you.

What do I do if the products I ordered are damaged during transit?

If the goods you have received are faulty in any way due to damage of packaging then we suggest contacting UPS with a claim. Please check the package when claiming it from UPS if possible.

Do you accept returns?

Before attempting to return any goods, please contact us directly with any complaints you may have, we would review your case before making a decision on whether or not the goods would need to be returned to us, or if the customer should be compensated.

Are my goods guaranteed?

All products that are shipped from us should meet the factory standards. We guarantee that if the products are below the production standards then they would be replaced.

What if I am not happy with the quality of product?

In the unlikely event that you are not happy with the quality of the chips, then you are welcome to contact us directly with your complaint. We take all complaints seriously and would review your case independently.

Why is shipping so expensive?

Shipping costs are set by UPS and vary from country to country, with some regions costing more than others. All shipments via UPS are door to door are insured which gives that extra bit of security.

How many chips should I buy?

This depends on how many people would be playing in your game. Generally 300 pieces would suit a group of 4 people, and 1,000 pieces for 8 or more.

How should I do if I want to do some custom chips from your store?

If you would be interested in purchasing customs chips using your own design, or if you would like to make changes to the designs in our store, then please go to the contact us page with your inquiry.