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Lucky Dragon

Anyone wanting to have a taste of the orient for their poker games need look no further than Sun-Fly's Lucky Dragon designs. These simple yet stylish designs have a wide range of available colours and colour combinations that make the central dragon figure stand out looking both fierce and attractive. Dragons are associated with wisdom and longevity so playing with Lucky Dragon chips may help these particular attributes in your games.

All the chips get together

Show the denomination on the face, as well as on the side

The plaque

The dealer button

Various Denominations Available: 25c, 50c, 1, 2, 5, 25, 100, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 25,000, 100,000 and NCV

Stacked chips on different poker tables

*** Customer Reviews ***

  • 2011-06-16 03:12:41
    By Fred Hudson

    These chips are actually pretty nice and the seller is good, satisfying.

  • 2011-06-16 03:10:50
    By Edgarkindom

    In my opinion, these chips are totally acceptable and the delivery is fast, just came in 2 days!

  • 2011-06-16 03:10:14
    By Andy Humber

    Personally, the feel and sound are appealing and overall they do enhance the poker playing experience very well.

  • 2011-06-16 03:09:49
    By room13

    I think these ceramic chips are fantasy. The fresh looking makes me excited.

  • 2011-06-16 03:09:27
    By sunny365

    These chips look so different from other chips but I have seen and really stand out.

  • 2011-06-16 03:08:57
    By Daniel Henry

    Lucky Dragons are some of the most interesting chips I 've seen. The dragon looks so cool.


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