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Bold Class

Bold Class Poker Chips design is based on the great sun god, Apollo. The bright colors are fine for distinguishing a variety of denominations and plentiful at eight choices with the individualized logo of Sun-Fly. On the chips, the radial stripes look like bright sunlight, which potrays brilliance, luck and happiness so playing with Bold Class Poker Chips may help these positive attributes in your games.

All the chips come into view

High gloss design

The plaque

The dealer button

Various Denominations Available: 25c, 50c, 1, 5, 25, 100, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 25,000

Playing with the chips on the different poker tables

*** Customer Reviews ***

  • 2011-06-16 02:58:29
    By paulplasters

    These chips blew me away with their cool style, bright colours and originality.

  • 2011-06-16 02:57:59
    By David G Empey

    Gradients and original style make this chip my favorite.

  • 2011-06-16 02:57:11
    By Tuan Truong

    These values and fonts on these chips along with the bright colours re so eye catching.


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